Welcome to my blog and personal website, Pass the Torch. I am glad that you are here and checking out what guidance I have got to offer on parenting. That’s right! Most of my blog is dedicated to helping other parents. I want to show them better and more effective ways on how to rear their young ones. After all, “passing the torch” to the younger generation will require that we actually raise those kids right in the first place. So it is my mission to help others based on my own experiences as a parent.

I know that there is no exact science of parenting. Each kind of parent has got their own style and each child has got their own unique needs as well. But what I wish to do on this blog is not to exactly and specifically tell other parents how to raise their kids, but to offer suggestions and a bit of guidance. I also want to show that they are not alone in their struggles as a parent. Throughout my many years of being a parent to several wonderful children, I often felt alone and confused about raising them. So that is why I wanted to start this blog as a way to share my own experiences and connect with other parents around the world.

When it comes to parenting, a lot of us are left in the dark. Many parents often struggle to rear their kids to be the next and better generation. And that is where my blog and website come in. I am here to help parents establish a better pattern of parenting behaviour of their children. If you need help and advice on how to rear, educate and empower the next generation, then I have got the resources to help you out. I have got parenting guides and a whole lot more on my site. When it comes to youth empowerment and educating your children, I have got some advice that I can share with a lot of parents.

Many parents often do not understand their kids. These parents do not fully get the needs of their kids, and this can be an awful thing for both the parents and their children, especially the relationship that is between them. So I try and help parents understand their children better. After all, haven’t you as a parent ever second-guessed your children and how you approach them. I am here to offer my life experiences being a parent myself. My posts, insights and ramblings may offer more insight into how you can better understand your children.

I not only have a lot of experience as a parent to several children, but I have also homeschooled my children for several years as well. So I also want to share the experiences that I have with home education with other interested readers. Through my posts, I will hopefully be able to assist other parents who are also thinking about homeschooling their kids as well. So I hope that you consider homeschooling and also check out my tips and other guides on that particular topic of education. After all, I value education a lot and I hope other parents do as well.

This website and blog is the expression of what I have become as a person and who I want to become in the future. I want to share the developments of my children, and the adventures that I am going through with my family. These kinds of experiences and adventures that I share on my blog are both small and large. And I hope with the stories that I share with my family adventures, others can find that sort of information useful. Hopefully, my readers can also learn from the experiences that I have gone through. And if not, I also want them to be entertained with the stories that I share on my blog.

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I am happy that you have found Pass the Torch, please feel free to check out the rest of my blog.